About Me

About Me

My lifelong passion for art led me towards becoming obsessed with photography, filmmaking, and other digital art forms at a young age. Fueled by the aspirations of becoming the next Ansel Adams and the naivety to believe it could be done; I got my degree in Photography, Creative Media, and Film.

With few actual jobs to which that degree is applicable, I ended up finding a job helping a company with their Instagram account, and this is the start of my Marketing & Advertising career. The better part of a decade later, I have come to the realization that this industry really doesn’t suit me and as the years go on I become more and more separated from the only aspects of the job that I actually enjoy.

I’ve always loved technology since I was a kid, I craved having the latest and greatest tech (albeit mostly for video games) so I could play and tinker with it. I’ve found almost all technology based skills and applications fascinating. I self-learned Python to try programming in general and then switched to C# after I had a grasp of the basics so I could mess around with making my own games in Unity.

At this time in my life I’ve decided that I can’t stay idle in an industry that I don’t even enjoy, let alone thrive in. I’ve decided to work towards gaining IT certifications, a deeper knowledge and understanding of technology, and to ultimately change careers. I started with getting the Google IT Support certification in fall 2022, the CompTIA A+ in April 2023 and am currently studying for the CCNA.

I have a passion for all things tech and a willingness to learn new skills on my own time. As of right now, my top interests in IT are networking and security, and after getting my CCNA I will be going for CompTIA Security+.