Aspiring network & Security Engineer

IT Projects

Active Directory // Domain Controller Setup with Windows 10 Client

The Goal My goal with this lab is to create a Windows Server 2019 VM to act as a Domain Controller for an Active Directory environment and then I want[…]

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3 May 2023 0

SQL Injection Lab // Exploiting Vulnerable Web Server with Kali Linux

After playing around in TryHackMe rooms for a few months, and inhaling content from John Hammond, Network Chuck, & David Bombal, I decided I wanted to try something a little[…]

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17 April 2023 1

Programming Projects

Recording my programming journey from basic calculators to game development.


Google IT Support
Completed: August 2022
CompTIA A+
Completed: April 2023
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Estimated: July 2023

Badges & Accomplishments

cat linux.txt // Try Hack Me

Completed: April 2023

Pentesting Principles // Try Hack Me

Completed: April 2023

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